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What is NIFFA?

​NIFFA is the Northern Ireland Flowers and Foliage Association.  


It is an industry representative group of flower and foliage growers all based within Northern Ireland. It's membership contains small artisan growers to large scale wholesale growers, producing both indoors and in fields.


​NIFFA promotes and supports the growth of the cut flower and foliage sector through resourcing and supporting its members, building strong links with DAERA and is a member of Horticulture Forum NI. NIFFA actively promoting locally-grown produce at events such as the Balmoral Show, Garden Show of Ireland and through media outlets. 

In 2023 NIFFA has strengthened links with Flower Farmers of Ireland.


History of NIFFA


NIFFA was founded in 2014 by Barbara Erwin (Foliage Works), Shane Donnelly (Greenisland Flowers) and Cherry Townsend (Kilcoan Gardens) in response to a need for cut flower and foliage growers to be represented on the Horticulture Forum NI and the strengthen industry links with government.

Link Organisations

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